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Introducing Elizabeth, Our Brand Assistant

Elizabeth is thrilled to join the Nat Marie Design team as a brand assistant! She is starting college in the fall at Ohio State as a biology major, she is blended with enthusiasm and determination. Although originally born in Pennsylvania, she spent most of her life near Cincinnati. She is excited to gain experience and knowledge through her brand and marketing responsibilities on the team.

Elizabeth will be helping our team prioritize the Nat Marie Design brand. We want to always ensure that our own marketing and branding is maintained well and always growing. She will be assisting with our blog, email, social media, and some fun surprise initiatives.

Growing up in a small suburb outside of Cincinnati instilled a strong sense of community and fostered friends that date back to early elementary. Her older sisters not only served as role models but became her best friends. Additionally, Elizabeth cherished the time spent with her grandparents and relished the stories and values they brought into her life. Supported by her parents who dream big with her, Elizabeth is excited to continue her next stage of life as a college student.

With a keen interest in science, Elizabeth anticipates majoring in biology in the fall. Her scientific interests are diverse, she loves animal science, medical science, and more, so she has an array of potential career choices. Excited to immerse herself in college life, and tackle the academic and personal challenges that lie ahead, Elizabeth is enthusiastic about this new stage of life.

Described as a creative person, Elizabeth often enjoys drawing and crafts in her leisure. She loves to look at Natalie's new designs and delves into her creative process behind them. She is a dedicated student who loves to face academic and athletic challenges. Elizabeth's social nature makes it easy for her to connect to new people and she loves hearing their stories.

Athletically inclined, Elizabeth's passion for sports shines through her accomplishments in soccer and track, where she proudly holds the school record in the 300 Hurdles. Beyond organized sports, she finds joy in outdoor activities such as running, hiking, and kayaking, often embarking on adventures with her family. Balancing her active lifestyle with moments of relaxation, Elizabeth finds peace in reading and spending quality time with her beloved cats and dogs.

We are so thankful to have Lizzie joining the team and can't wait to continue growing the Nat Marie Design brand.

A note from Lizzie:

Hello, my name is Lizzie! I am from Ohio and I am a college student attending OSU for biology. As much as a I love science, I also love being creative through photography and design. I grew up loving sports and I love to exercise and read in my free time. One of my passions is helping others so I am grateful for the opportunity to assist Natalie and get experience under my belt as well as learning new skills and having a chance to be creative.

Check out her Spotify Playlist: Lizzie’s Awesome Playlist


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