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The Pandemic Changed Branding

How Supporting Feel-Good Brands and Small Businesses Became a Global Movement

We are all adapting and learning the new normal after the pandemic and everyone knows that this completely changed our world and our viewpoints. Did you know that 3 out of 4 customers say transparent communication has become more important since the pandemic?

The pandemic sparked a collective realization that where we spend our money truly matters. We learned to support small businesses and important causes because we saw how much destruction the pandemic caused and it broke our hearts. That’s why the world wants to hear your story and champion you as an underdog and a local gem.

The Power of Purpose:

One of the most significant revelations of the pandemic is the heightened importance placed on purpose-driven brands. Consumers, now more than ever, seek out businesses that align with their values. The turbulent times prompted a collective introspection, leading individuals to support companies that contribute positively to the world. Whether it's environmental sustainability, social responsibility, or community support, feel-good brands have become beacons of hope and change.

Local Love:

Lockdowns and social distancing measures compelled communities to rally around their local businesses. The economic fallout of the pandemic spurred a grassroots movement to support small enterprises. Consumers realized the direct impact their choices had on the survival of these businesses and the livelihoods of their neighbors. This newfound appreciation for the 'mom-and-pop' shops strengthened community ties and fostered a sense of collective responsibility.

Social Media Amplification:

The rise of feel-good brands and small businesses was significantly amplified by the power of social media. Platforms became not just spaces for commerce but avenues for storytelling and connection. Individuals shared their positive experiences, celebrated businesses making a difference, and collectively built a virtual community centered around conscious consumerism.

People are craving authenticity and showing you’re a human. Storytelling and transparency are more important in branding now than ever before.

Here are some tips to elevate your brand in this new era:

01 - Be genuine in your message and visuals. Show real photos and tell real stories.

02 - Discover your time of voice and communication style. Give your brand a personality.

03 - Be engaging and interact with your audience. Invite them into behind-the-scenes and connect through social media.

Feel-good brands and small businesses have become symbols of resilience, hope, and community. As we navigate the 'new normal,' let's carry forward this spirit of conscious consumerism, ensuring that our choices create a positive ripple effect for years to come. We are here to help you elevate your brand. Get more information on my blog or reach out for a consultation.


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