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Santa Fe Girls Trip & How It Made Me a Better Designer

Recently I took a fantastic trip to Santa Fe, NM with my sisters, and tried my best to stay off my laptop. Santa Fe brought such a unique pallet of design inspiration and I can't help but share what beautiful concepts of art Santa Fe brings to the table. Whether you are out exploring the Southwestern city or hiking deep in the landscapes, Santa Fe has endless artistic potential and I loved feeling a part of the community.

I was so inspired by the vibrant Southwestern vibe that permeates Santa Fe. I was admired by how their design deeply draws from heritage, vividly reflecting the city's Native American and Spanish colonial history, giving a profound sense of significance. I love the storytelling the city shares. The cultural diversity in Santa Fe is eye-opening, I loved looking at the different influences of Native American and Hispanic cultures. Many areas of Santa Fe seamlessly blend traditional and modern design trends to create a new, jaw-dropping look. I loved driving through the city and seeing all these different parts of culture pieced together to create one big melting pot, it was truly a unique and beautiful way to think about art. Not only culture, but Santa Fe brings a very spiritual theme to design. A majority of this spiritual theme is brought up by Native American culture and I loved the mysticism and alternative lifestyle brought into my life. Just being in Santa Fe brought a new sense of culture and spiritualism into my art, it was a great way to represent how branding should tell a story.

Just being outdoors sparked countless design ideas for me. The landscape looked like another planet to me, brimming with design inspiration. I loved looking at the horizon and seeing snow-capped mountains sitting behind a red desert. As we hiked through the desert terrain, I couldn't help but breathe in the sage green, the moody reds, and the chalky orange surrounding me. Nature truly brings out colors that aren't even imaginable on the computer and clears your head to bring a new sense of idea into your head. Clearing my head daily is crucial, but immersing myself in nature and all its boundless opportunities has been a transformative lesson in design for me. Life is a journey of continuous learning, and as I journeyed through New Mexico, I found myself captivated by the rugged mountains etched against the horizon. It served as a powerful reminder of the significance of shape and dimension in my design work. love peeling back the layers on New Mexico landscape and finding a new sense of beauty with every layer. Not to mention, sleeping in the desert and looking at the stars was a surreal experience for me. It reminded me that something that looks simple can be so complex and I loved how you could look at stars for hours and still discover something new. Nature truly is a whole piece of art on its own and I love the constant change and growth that nature contributes, it compares to how important it is to be diverse and unique in branding.

Santa Fe was bursting with vibrancy, enriched by its thriving local art scene. One of the highlights of my trip was exploring and shopping for unique pieces of local art. I loved the farmers market and seeing all the depth and creativity in the local artists. Santa Fe held such great community values and I loved seeing all the galleries and art attributions throughout the city. I just love how much personal identity Santa Fe holds and it felt like such a unique and wholesome city to experience. Understanding all the art in Santa Fe would take a lifetime and it was truly an amazing place to see for someone as passionate and focused in art as I am. The conversations I held and the sights I saw taught me how personal and self-identified art was, and how important it is to share culture and spirit with your community.

Highly recommend a road trip to Santa Fe!


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