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How to make your photoshoot intentional

Let me first say thank you so much to Rethlyn Photography for doing an amazing job on my first Nat Marie Design photoshoot. This was completely out of my comfort zone, but she made it feel so natural and easy.

Going into this photoshoot, I slightly obsessed over the details. I wanted my photos to tie to who I am and my branding. I chose specific colors in my outfits, brought all my office decor to recreate my work space, and showed my process as a designer using my sketchbook, IPad and laptop. The key is to always have your brand in mind because those subtle nods are magic.

The first step was choosing the space. I chose Studio 125 in San Antonio because the space felt casual and artistic. They have playful wallpaper and lots of plants. When choosing a space for your photoshoot think of the tone of voice you use with your target audience. The furnitures, colors, and textures should reflect who you are.

Next, I chose three outfits. 1.) a neutral and casual outfit, 2.) a playful, fun blouse in my favorite color, and 3.) A dressed up outfit in my brand color blue. I felt 100% confident in all three of these outfits and they also all were in colors from my brand color palette.

I also brought a huge bag full of props that all felt personal to me. I brought a lot of items from my desk setup including my good luck charm, my dream journal, and a photo of my husband that I keep on my desk, I was able to recreate my desk space in the studio so the photos felt really authentic to how I work at home.

If you are planning a photoshoot take the time to make it personal and authentic to your brand. I am so thankful for this experience and excited to do more photoshoots in the future!


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