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My Honest Thoughts on Chat GPT

For those of you who don't know what Chat GPT is, it is an AI-powered chat that helps answer questions and is commonly used to help with writing. As a graphic designer, it is easy to see the pros and cons of using Chat GPT for small businesses. For me personally, Chat GPT is great for finding inspiration but it can't replace the magic of human touch and creativity.

Chat GPT is like a thesaurus for me, I love getting great lists and ideas from Chat GPT but I would not recommend using Chat GPT for all of your writing. There is a such thing as writer's block, as well as creator's block. Chat GPT is a great prevention tool for when you lack motivation or run out of ideas. But it's important to make those ideas your own, not rely on Chat GPT to be creative for you.

I love the brainstorming topics and content ideas that Chat GPT can generate. There are other reasons to love Chat GPT as well, I love that I can use Chat GPT to edit my writing. It's important to use your own tone, but using your own tone comes with the risks of lots of writing errors, so using Chat GPT for editing speeds up my process and is a huge time saver.

Another way Chat GPT is time efficient is that Chat GPT will also research for you. Chat GPT can narrow down a Google search, find more specific topics for your research, and help you find resources much faster.

One last commendable feature I love about Chat GPT is its multilingual support capabilities. As much as I'd love to know other languages, I do not, so I love that Chat GPT can translate and expand small businesses' audiences.

As much as I love Chat GPT, I also think Chat GPT takes away from the authenticity of small businesses. Especially with writing, it's a great tool to start with, but please don't ever rely on Chat GPT to fully be your copywriter. Writing can be so interesting because you get to express your own tone of voice through your material. My favorite part of learning about the small business is seeing how their brand can be unique and original to themselves, Chat GPT takes away what makes you stand out if you overuse it. Chat GPT may be a great time saver, however, I think it's important to take the time to build your brand unique to who you are. Never solely rely on just Chat GPT.

Let me make this clear for everyone reading. Chat GPT is very advanced and an absolutely amazing tool for small businesses. But it's not a good idea to only rely on Chat GPT. Clients love to hear how your business is unconventional and one-of-a-kind compared to others. Chat GPT is a great generator for finding ideas and editing, however, I would 100% recommend taking the time to put your voice and authenticity into your business and writing, not only for your clients, but for the sake of feeling like the business is a part of you.

Thanks for reading! Reach out! I'd love to hear your opinion of Chat GPT.


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